We build awesome videos and animations

We are happy to produce the highest quality videos

Explainer videos, motion graphics videos, animated videos and live action videos are what we do… And we do it well.

STEP 1: Write A Script

We take the time to get to know  you, your business, your audience and what sets you apart. Yes… real intimate. With this information, we write a captivating script that will convey an engaging, concise and effective message to your audience.

STEP 2: Voice Over & Music

The voice over of your script is recorded at the absolute highest quality in a studio by a voice professional. Background music is then applied to the voice over in order to set the mood of the video.

STEP 3: Story-Board

With the voice over and music determined, our storyboard artists get down and dirty with creativity and ingenuity.

These sketched storyboard are used to determine the direction and the flow of the animation in extreme detail. The animation begins to become a beautiful reality.

STEP 4: Design

Our designers take the storyboard sketches, say “To hell with lines… let’s spice this thing up!” they then proceed to create detailed characters and elements using colors that are vibrant, rich and downright magical.

STEP 5: Animate And Add Sound FX

Lastly, our animators and sound engineers gather all the work above, lose lots of sleep, drink lots of coffee and work their computers like dogs to deliver a final product that rockssocks off!

"Michael, of Bros In Ink, was able to meet an almost impossible deadline. I brought them a concept that required dealing with non-funny subject matter and inject humor while maintaining respectability, it had to be bilingual, and I needed two finished animations both with intro and outro. The final product was delivered on time with a bilingual voice-over, sound effects, and amusing music tracks. Both finished animations are AWESOME!"

− Joseph W, ConsejoSano

"Michael is great to work with and very fast. We had him make a 2 min animation product video and he was spot on with the timeline and the execution. Very professional and really delivered when it came to what our expectations were."

− Howard C, Comelit Security

"I shopped this project around quite a bit before deciding to go with BrosinInk. The rates were right and the portfolio looked better than competitors (who were actually charging more). Mike was outstanding. We gave him a tall task with a short turn around time. He exceeded our hopes and was excellent in communication. Needless to say, he drove the process and met his deadline with time to spare. I will use him again for the next project."

− Johny L, All9s

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