Bond New York And The Power Of Explainer Video


Bond New York And The Power Of Explainer Video

Bond New York is the fastest growing real estate company in New York. Established in 2000, Bond New York has grown rapidly in the cutthroat real estate market of New York and currently has over 500 employees working for them.


What Does Bond New York Do?

Bond New York specializes in apartments, business space and office space sales and lease. With a large number of properties in their database and very efficient real estate agents in the field, Bond New York is able to provide each client with what they want and at the price they want.


What Is Bond University?

The Bond University is one novel initiative from them which provides the young real estate enthusiasts with necessary information, tutorial, tools and equipment to grow in the business. Starting from their first steps into the industry to closing the first deal, Bond University helps by organising classes, familiarizing with cutting edge technology and providing one–on–one mentorship.

What Did We learn?

Even with their stellar success, Bond New York understands the importance of explainer videos and invested in one with the help of Bros In Ink. This short animated video intuitively shows the specific services provided and the importance of Bond University to launch a successful career in real estate. With the help of this explainer video, they have been able to generate a lot of new visitors taking interest in business and learning. Similarly, if you have a business, your investment in an awesome animated explainer video can help kickstart your ventures. Check em out on their website.

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