Create A Video Message With A Hook For Business Success


Create A Video Message With A Hook For Business Success

When you are advertising your company or products, you need to choose your words carefully. Think of your prospect, the viewer of the video, as a person you are meeting for the first time. You would not share every aspect of your life with a person you have just met, would you? You would just share your name, what you do and where you are from, the most basic information about your existence. If you two become close friends later, then you can share more personal things without worrying.

Similarly, in a 60 to 90 second explainer video,you should stick to only the must know information about your company, services and products. But most importantly, your video must have a “hook”, a clear and concise message about the most important part of your product. Something that will make the viewers sit up and take notice.


Why A Hook?

If we ask you to talk about your products, you can probably go on and on all day about all the stunning features and innovative ideas crammed into it. Sadly, you will not get that much time with a prospect. You have to give him a wow moment to even finish watching your 60 second video, let alone give him all the information about your product. That is why you need a hook.

The hook should be introduced as early in the explainer video as possible. Once the viewer is “hooked” by the hook, you can then introduce some other salient points about your product briefly. A good hook allows you to answer questions like why your products are better than the competitor and how your products can benefit the customer.


How To Create A Good Hook?

In order to create a good hook, you first have to identify the USP (unique selling point) of your company. It can be a benefit of your product, its pricing, your target audience or anything else that you think separates your product from the competitors. Once the USP is identified, you have to drill it down to a simple sentence, a single yet impactful sentence that captures the idea behind the sentence and also gets stuck to the viewer’s head.


How To Create Advanced Hooks For Explainer Video

It is not necessary that a hook has to be a text part of the script. Experienced animators and script writers can create advanced video hooks that works just as well, maybe even better. It has been shown that if a message can be delivered via visual senses, it creates a more lasting impression on the viewer. Companies like Apple have exploited this idea to much success.

To effectively create and use an advanced hook, a lot of thought to color scheme and presentation of the explainer video has to be given. The “mood” of the video, the colors and the style must complement or supplement your hook. Carefully chosen songs or music can work wonders in terms of keeping the viewers glued to your video.


Keeping this point in mind, your goal should be to create an entertaining explainer video with a killer hook to nail your prospects and some carefully chosen messages to describe your services a little bit. When the prospect comes back to you, you can describe your services and features in detail to get the transaction done.


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