Is A DIY Animated Explainer Video Worth It?


If you need an explainer video done for business purposes and have the necessary animation skills and animation software under your belt, creating your own video is the most cost effective solution. This plan, however, will not work if you are not an animation master so to speak. Animation is a highly professional skill that needs years of practice and knowledge.

There are certain websites like that let you create your own animated videos for a small fee but you will never get the level of customization and options that a dedicated animation company can provide. Moreover, it will take you hours, if not days, to create a meaningful video with the limited amount of tools.


If you are thinking you will learn animation and create the video yourself, you better think again. Animation is a full-fledged study course requiring loads of professional training. Just the good animation software licenses will cost you hundreds of dollars if you are planning to practice at home. If you need the video created within a couple of months, learning animation and creating it yourself is out of the window. If you have made up your mind, however, you can take online courses at websites like


Even if you manage to learn animation, professional animated video service has its own merits such as the support of a full team of experts who know their jobs well. You will be getting dedicated creative writers, voice over professionals, background music score creators, sound engineers who create catchy sound effects and savvy storyboard artists.

The point is, if your goal is to create an explainer video that will draw customers’ attention and make you some money, go for professional animated video services.

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