Does My Business Need An Explainer Video?


How To Find Out If Your Company Needs An Explainer Video

An explainer video is an impeccable marketing tool crafted especially for the modern business environment. It can benefit businesses in increasing turnover and creating brand awareness among the masses. Making an explainer video is, however, not cheap. Hence before you go ahead with the production of one, you must find out beforehand if your business needs an explainer video.

Your Service Or Product Has Unique Features

If your product or service is not readily explainable or if it has a novelty, using an explainer video is a good idea. That way when your prospects watch the video, they will have a clear understanding of what your product can do for them and how it is better than the products they are currently using. It also helps in avoiding any misconceptions and misunderstandings one may have with your service or product.

Help Your Visitors Remember Your Product

People today have a fleeting attention and they probably get exposed hundreds of advertisements and websites each week. In order to stand out in this host of information, an explainer video is the best choice. According to recent studies, people retain and process 50% of all visual information compared to 10% of all auditory information.It is highly likely thatif a person comes across a fun and informative explainer video, he will remember it when the time is right.

Keep Your Visitors Engaged

The 4 second rule states that a website has just 4 seconds to impress a new visitor or he will drift away to a competitor. The best way to keep a visitor engaged to your website is to have an entertaining explainer video posted on the landing pages. Research shows that a visitor will keep browsing your website for at least 2 minutes after watching the explainer video. You can then utilize this extra time to tell the visitor more about your company and products.


Rank Higher In Google Search

It has been proven that websites with video content on them are given preference by Google over websites that only have text and pictures. Hence some carefully placed explainer videos can gain your website the needed exposure in search results.


It Is Good For Prospect To Customer Conversion

Most companies focus more on increasing visitor traffic to websites rather than converting the incoming traffic into business. Once a person has decided to visit your website, instead of boring them to death with verbose blog posts, it is better to place some clever and fun explainer videos for better conversions. According to a study conducted by Video Rascal, 85% of all visitors to a website will buy a product if they are presented with an explainer video.

Increase Your Traffic

People love to share the videos they like, in fact 20% of all mobile users share videos with their friends and 90% of all internet users watch videos online. The more views and shares of your explainer video, the more traffic to your website.

Become A Social Media King

At a time when a large number of internet users use social media platforms like FaceBook, Twitter, Orkut and Google +, businesses try desperately to capture this space and reach out to the younger generation. Creating a fun and engaging explainer video and distributing it over social media will mark your presence in this platform. Moreover, most people do not like boring companies that make boring advertisements to sell boring products. Explainer videos allow you to be entertaining and interesting.


Reinvent Your Brand And Diversify Your Marketing

There is nothing better in business than killing 2 birds with 1 stone. Using explainer videos you can reinvent that brand image of your company in a very short time and also diversify your marketing channels positively. It has been found that marketing emails that include links to your explainer video get almost 50% more responses from prospects.


In Conclusion

If you feel that one or more of the points above could benefit your company or product, you should definitely invest in an explainer video. It will make your life easy as a businessman and your product a darling among your prospects.

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