Explainer Video Is The Best Marketing Strategy Today


Why Online Explainer Video Is The Best Marketing Strategy Today

With the internet overloaded with information and people getting busy with their lives, an online advertisement gets perhaps only a fleeting moment to catch the attention of the viewer. According to studies, the average human attention span is only about 8 seconds so if you are planning to write a crisp and informative article about your products, it will probably not work very well. In fact, most traditional ways of advertising and increasing business have become ineffective over the last few years. The solution? Online explainer videos.

People are willing to watch videos over the internet if it is short and interesting. According to recent research, use of explainer videos can increase prospect to customer conversion rate by almost 20%. But this dry statistic might not convince you straight away. Hence we have compiled a list outlining the primary reasons behind the emergence of explainer videos as the best marketing strategy of modern market.


  1. The Numbers Are In Its Favor: According to researches and studies, more than 90% of all online traffic consists of videos and it is almost 50% when it comes to mobile devices. In November 2013, the average number of online videos watched per American internet user was a whopping 248.9 while 87.1% American internet users watched at least one video in that duration. This is not all. According to Dr. James McAuivey of Forrester Research, a 60 second video can convey messages worth 1.8 million words due to the video’s capability of transmitting visual and auditory messages at the same time. All this data combines into 1 simple fact, explainer video should be at the top of your marketing tactics list.
  1. Videos Keep People Engaged To Your Content: If the numbers mentioned in the first point took you by surprise, prepare to get blown away. According to recent studies conducted by Pew Center and Diode Digital, 41% of all smartphone users watch videos on their cell phones while 20% share videos via cell phones. 58% of all online video watchers watch their videos on social networking sites like FaceBook and MySpace and 72% internet users watch videos regularly on tube sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe. Research also shows that if a webpage has a video, 60% of people prefer to watch the video first and read the text later. This is great for your explainer video sincepeople also tend to hang around at the website an average 2 minutes more than they would have if they were reading texts. Videos are also shared 12 times more than text and link shares combined. Now if you consider that 90% of the information passed on to our brains is visual and the visual information gets processed 60,000 times faster than regular information, the name explainer video should chime the sweet sound of money into your ears.
  1. The Results Are Staggering: It would be stupid if we just kept talking about studies without ever mentioning actual results. Well, we have those too. Research shows that buyers and sellers visit at least 5 websites before they purchase a product online but with explainer videos on your website this number can be cut down to 2. Study also reveals that the inclusion of explainer video in emails drives click through from at least 76% respondents. Using explainer video in email marketing showed increase in revenue by as much as 48% for some organisations and some companies enjoyed a revenue boost of up to 21,000 USD per month after deciding to invest in explainer videos.

It should be quite evident by now that using explainer videos in marketing campaigns is the perfect way to jump start your business. Create the video with care and rake in the profits that start to flow in.

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