How Long Should Your Explainer Video Be?


How Long Should Your Explainer Video Be?

As some smart person once said, an explainer video should be like a mini skirt. It should be long enough to cover everything you want to convey to the viewer and short enough to keep them interested. There’s been a bloodbath (not really) over how long or short a good explainer video should be. Let us try to find out the answer in this article.


Only Cover Your Main Points

Masters of explainer videos opine that your video should just cover 2 to 3 key benefits that the prospects can expect from your products or services. You can also throw in a few points regarding how your services are better than the competition. Once the curious prospect contacts you, let your sales team handle the rest.


Grab Their Attention Early

According to a study conducted on explainer videos by video host Wistia, very few people actually watch these videos completely. For 60 second and shorter videos, the viewers watch around 70% of the video. For 2 minute videos the watching duration drops to 65%. Videos over 2 minutes in length garner even less viewing durations. Hence for a 60 second video, the viewers watch about 42 seconds of it while they miss 42 seconds out of a 120 second video.

This of course means that the longer the video, the more content your viewers are never going to watch. If you consider the amount of money spent producing the video then the losses are definitely not worth ignoring. Once again borrowing from the mini skirt analogy, 60 to 90 second is the perfect length for your explainer videos since shorter is better.


Get On With It Already!

Since the last part of a video is often ignored, it pays to introduce your company and the most important points towards the beginning of the video. There is no point keeping the best for the last as your viewers may not stick to the end. Although it might sound a little odd, introduction of your company, best benefits of your product and the call to action should all be crammed inside the first 40 seconds of your video for the best exposure.


As you can see, the length of an explainer video is a of utmost importance as it determines the amount of information your viewers will take in. Stay precise, stay creative, keep it short and your videos will keep bringing in new business.

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