How To Find A Good Demo Video Company?


How To Find A Good Demo Video Company?

If you are looking at demo video companies to find the best one for your business, it might be a tough task. The market is bursting with animation companies each of whom claim to have the most cost effective and best quality services. To find the diamond in the rough, to pick the best from the “good”, you have to keep certain points in mind.

Choose The Animation Company That Follows The 7 Steps Carefully

Creating an impactful explainer video is not an easy task. There are many elements involved and failure of any one aspect can ruin the whole experience for the viewer. A good animation company will surely take care of the following 7 steps and ask for your approval after each step.

The steps to create a quality animated explainer video are:

  •         Conception
  •         Illustration
  •         Styling
  •         Storyboard
  •         Animation
  •         Voiceover
  •         Sound Design

As it is evident from this list, a good demo video company must have the resources to properly execute all the steps with the highest possible quality. Hence you should only go for companies who promise to create the explainer video in a structured way with your input.

Choose The Demo Video Company With Honesty In Their Claims

When you search for demo video companies, you will come across claims such as quality explainer video in 2 weeks, pay more for express delivery within 7 days etc. In reality, creating a good demo video that will create ripples within the viewer’s mind takes time. From conception to animation, a lot of changes will come into effect. Sometimes your requirements will change or sometimes the company will come up with a better idea. All in all, it can easily take a month or two to craft just the video you need. If a company claims something else or gives you an absolute timeline for a few extra bucks, look the other way.


As you can see, it is fairly basic. Creating a killer demo explainer video is an art and a good animation company understands that. When you ask for quotations or details of their work, you will easily understand their conviction and confidence in taking up your project.     

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