What Makes for an Effective Explainer Video?


What Makes for an Effective Explainer Video?

We live in a fast paced, modern society. People in this society are always busy, they feel an information overload almost every minute of the day. Unlike the yesteryears, they do not have time to go through your whole website and decide if your services are good for them or not. They need to know everything fast. This is where Explainer Videos come in. It is an awesome way to describe your services to the customers and what is in it for them. Learning what makes the best explainer video will give you an edge over your competitors any time. Here are the main components of a good explainer video.

The Simpler The Explainer Video, The Better It Is

A good explainer video is one where you do not confuse the viewer with too much information or unwanted stuff. It should communicate to the prospect in clear terms like you are talking to him yourself. It should not be more than 2 minutes in length and should be designed with the customer in mind.

The Explainer Video should “Explain” How You Can Benefit The Customer

Many people make the rookie mistake of cramming as many features as possible in their explainer video. This is a strict no-no! The video should tell the customer how your products can make their lives easy. For example, if you are selling a mixer grinder, explain how it can grind the hardest of cooking materials in the least amount of time and make cooking easy, not the 1.5 HP, alternativee energy powered titanium steel blades. Those are features that you can explain after the customer contacts you, not in the video itself.

Your Explainer Video Should Be Fun

This is another point many people miss. It is best if your video is an animated video and if it is fun to watch. The world is full of serious stuff and a minute or two of entertainment comes as a welcome break for most people. So now you know how to create a killer explainer video that will get your message across fast, easily and effectively. Make sure you use this knowledge to your benefit and give your business that necessary boost.

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