How To Market Your Explainer Video For Best Results


How To Market Your Explainer Video For Best Results

After you have created an explainer video with great animation and a killer script, it is time to use it in a way that will increase business. And for you to do that, you must get the video noticed by people. Unless you can market the video properly and get lots of people to view it, the time and efforts put in to create it will definitely go to complete waste. Marketing your explainer video is not all that difficult if you follow 3 simple steps mentioned below.


Decide Where The Video Goes On Your Website:  

This is more important than you think. Slapping your video just anywhere on your website will not do the trick. To place it properly, you need to identify which purpose your video serves. If the primary objective of your explainer video is to convert the visitors of your website into customers, it pays to place the video in the landing pages (the pages of your website where most visitors land upon), preferably at the top or in the middle. This video can guide the prospect towards making a successful transaction. If the video is of a tutorial or “How-To” nature, you can place them in the help section of your website. There are even tools like the Visual Website Optimizer that let you identify the best spot to place your explainer video on your website. Putting the video in the right spot will maximize its potential.


Optimize Your Explainer Video For Mobile Devices:

If you do not have a niche product or service targeted towards senior citizens, chances are that a large number of your target audience use smartphones and tablets to browse internet and shop online. This is a growing trend and according to a study, the total value of internet retail via mobile devices will cross 3.2 trillion USD by 2017. If you are even a little bit savvy with maths and economics, you should understood by now that if your explainer video is not compatible with mobile devices, you would be losing out on the larger chunk of your prospects.

In order to achieve that, you must publish your explainer video in MP4 H.264 format which is compatible with mobile viewing and must use an HTML5 player for the video. HTML5 is the latest standard in HTML technology. Since most new devices using Android and iOS do not support flash, it is suggested to go for HTML5.


Spread Your Explainer Video Over The Internet:

Once you are done with placing your explainer video on your website and optimizing it for the mobiles, it is time to spread it over the internet for all to behold. You would think that just posting the video everywhere humanly possible will do the trick but there is a method to this madness. In fact, the placement of the explainer video depends on three critical factors.


  • To Increase Traffic And Convert Prospects: If this is your goal, you will be better off hosting the explainer video with secure video hosting websites like Vimeo Pro, VZAAR, Wistia etc. These hosting sites will provide you with analytical tools and highly targeted traffic generated from your video. You also need to submit video sitemaps to search engines like Google for them to display your video in the results against a search. Of course for your video to come up in search results, you have to optimize for keywords. You should target specific long tail keywords and put these keywords in the meta description and title of the explainer video for the search engines to find it. Placing a transcription of the video with these keywords on your webpage should also work pretty well. According to a study, search results with video links get 41% higher click rates from users. Hence with all of these provisions in place and your explainer video appearing in search results, you will be able to enjoy highly targeted traffic on a regular basis.


  • To Raise Brand Awareness: If your goal is to raise brand awareness,video websites like YouTube and Metacafe are the best places to share your videos. The idea here is to make the explainer video as interesting, funny, emotional or entertaining as possible. If people like the video, they will share it via social networking sites which will help more people watch the video and more shares. If this cycle begins, you can be sure that your brand will be super popular. One word of advice though, use these mediums strictly for brand awareness. If you are looking to draw prospects to your website, you better stick to the video hosting services.


  • Building Links To Your Websites: Google loves websites that enjoy quality backlinks. Paid secure video hosting services can help you build those backlinks and boost your SEO ranking up.  While YouTube is not the best platform to generate backlinks, there is a tool called Open Site Explorer that lets you find out which users have shared your YouTube video. You can then contact and request them to share your securely hosted explainer video which links back to your own website.


The points discussed above are essential to the success of your explainer video and in turn, the success of your business. Chalk your plan out even before your video is ready so that you do not waste any time and are able to give your video the maximum exposure right from off the bat.

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