Los Angeles’ Goorin Bros Places Faith In Explainer Video Production


Los Angeles’ Goorin Bros Places Faith In Explainer Video Production

Hatmakers have been covering the heads of gentlemen with fine fabric for ages. When we look at the modern world, Los Angeles hatmakers Goorin Bros are the biggest name continuing the prestigious tradition with different styles of hats and caps perfect for combining with any attire.

Keepin’ It Classy

The highlight of Goorin Bros hats is that they know how to keep it classy. Unlike other Los Angeles designers out there, they have not gone the “swag” way and have kept their product standards high. As a family hatmaker starting out way back in 1895, Goorin Bros have stayed in business for over 100 years without any diminishment in the quality of their products.


New Los Angeles Trend… Explainer Video Production

If you liked the explainer video, you would love their products even more. From fedoras to floppys, from cadets to flatcaps, you can get just about every style for that special occasion. Each hat is made from cotton or straw using the finest technology and carries the hallmark of Goorin Bros that we have come to know.


Hats For Every Occasion

If you visit the Goorin Bros website, you can also browse products by lifestyle. The Goorin Everyday hats are for regular day to day use, The Heritage Line is dedicated to uphold the great American heritage of hatmaking and Ted Goorin’s Cut & Sew line introduces hats made from the finest fabrics humanity can afford to wear. The Grenadier line of hats is for the outdoor lifestyle and before you run along to buy one of them, the 1333 Minna line of hats features original design works of artists collaborating with Goorin Bros. All of which can be found in any of their Los Angeles locations.


Los Angeles Retailer King Pins

Apart from being quality hatmakers, Goorin Bros are retailers too, selling their own hats through authentic Goorin Hat Shops. The shops are scattered all across the US with a couple of stores in Los Angeles, California. You can of course buy the hats online from the Goorin Bros website but there is nothing like trying a hat on before buying right?


Cool As Cool Can Be

If you keep aside almost 120 years of hatmaking tradition and a plethora of dedicated customers, Goorin Bros does some amazing things from time to time like sponsoring the Heisenberg hat in Breaking Bad. Yes, Walter White’s immortal avatar Heisenberg’s hat is actually a Goorin Bros hat. If that does not make Goorin Bros hats cool, we are not sure what will.


Explainer Video Boosts Los Angeles’ Goorin Bros

Even with all the heritage and quality behind them, they decided to invest in an explainer video to reach out to more customers who might be looking for a new hat. Designed by Bros In Ink, it is a short yet impactful live action explainer video depicting the Breaking Bad Heisenberg connection for Goorin Bros. This explainer video has surely pushed the hype up for these amazing hats and increased the interest in Goorin Bros which translated into increased sales and traffic for the hatmakers’ website.

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