The Process Of An Explainer Video Production


The Process Of An Explainer Video Production

Since you are reading this article, you know how important explainer videos are. But do you know how explainer videos are made? You might think this information is not important if you hire a professional firm to do it for you but as with other aspects of business, it pays to know what goes on in the background. So without further ado, let’s take a look at how explainer videos are made.

In order to create a quality explainer video that can draw the attention of its viewers, a 7 step process is followed. Starting from conceptualization to sound design, each step is important to the production of the video.



In this first step, background of your company,details about the services, products and goals of the promotion are thoroughly understood and a basic concept for the explainer video is created.



This is perhaps the most important part of an explainer video. Based on the initial concept, an engaging script is carefully crafted to get your message across.



Once the script is finalized, a scene by scene storyboard is sketched to gain an understanding of how the explainer video will play out.



The approved storyboard is then stylized with colourful images that represent the completed explainer video. It might have pictures, characters, backgrounds, text and icons.



This is the step where the voice is added to the explainer video. Depending on your message, concept and product, a male or female voiceover is selected.



Since most of the explainer videos are animated in nature, this is the step where the video comes to life. Here the finalized storyboard, voiceover and styles are all mixed together and set into motion via animation to get the final explainer video.


Sound Design

In this last step, a perfect song or music track for your explainer video is selected and implemented. The right song or music can add an extra zing that will attract the viewers.


So if you need an explainer video created for your business, these are the steps needed to produce the perfect one. These steps are what you will be paying your explainer video company for.

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