What Does an Explainer Video Cost?


What Does an Explainer Video Cost?

So you decided that an explainer video is needed to promote your services as it will give your business the necessary boost you’ve been looking for. You zeroed in on the type of script you want, you pinpointed a trustworthy animation company and asked for a quote. Since hearing that quote, you have been spending sleepless nights questioning your decision of getting an explainer video in the first place.

After all, you never imagined that a 90 second animated video could cost so much. But why is creating an explainer video so costly? And most importantly, why are so many businesses still opting for such an expensive medium of promotion? Let’s answer these questions one by one.

The cost of creating an explainer video can be anywhere between $2,000 to $20,000. In fact the most basic ones can cost you somewhere around 5,000 USD. This cost depends on a number of factors such as:

  • The reputation of the animation company. If the company has a 5 star reputation and a solid portfolio with big clients, they are supposed to give you a higher quotation as quality service is almost guaranteed.
  • A company with experienced professionals working for them. It takes good money to hire the best sound designers, animators and script writers in the market and the clients must be charged higher in lieu of their exceptional services.
  • An explainer video is an asset. It can be utilized in various ways through a multitude of channels. A tool with such flexibility is liable to cost on the higher side.
  • Every explainer video is custom made. There is no one size fits all policy here. The video will be created as per your instructions, with potentially unlimited changes to the conception, script and animation. This type of product obviously cost a little more.


Why Should You Pay For An Explainer Video?

Even after the high pricing, it is always worth it to get an explainer video since it can jumpstart your business in many ways. According to studies, a good demo video significantly helps attract new prospects, increases the prospect to customer conversion rate, increases the percentage of visitors buying your products, increases brand awareness, improves your SEO rankings and creates credibility for your services. There are companies out there who claim to have been making $20,000 to $30,000 more per month since publishing their animated videos over the internet. If you calculate these gains with the amount of money you are shelling out, you will understand why going for an explainer video is imperative.


If you are having a budget constraint, don’t worry. Most animation companies are open for negotiations when it comes to charging for their services. They might be able to provide you with a cost effective solution that fits your pocket. So approach a good explainer video company today and prepare to take your business to the top.

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