Why Should You Produce An Explainer Video?


Why Should You Produce An Explainer Video?

An explainer video is the 21st century way of marketing and advertising. This is a fast paced world where live action advertisements have become too cliché and long articles on websites do not attract the masses anymore. People today want information fast and easy like their fast foods. An explainer video does this job perfectly by providing a bird’s eye view of the benefits a person can expect from a product or company and poking their curiosity.


A Short And Funny Explainer Video Is Worth A Fortune:

The best thing about explainer videos is that they are very short, yet, they get the message across efficiently. You want your explainer video to be no more than 2 minutes in length and keep it as funny as possible. In fact if you can create short 2 minute comic strip that explains your services perfectly, do it! People love funny stuff. If your video can put a smile on the viewer’s face, you are more likely to hear back from them.


Your Explainer Video Works For You 24/7:

Unlike your PR and sales personnel, an explainer video released over the internet reaches your prospects around the clock and around the globe. You can release it on video websites like YouTube and Metacafe, social media sites like Facebook, Google + and Twitter, over blogs, Google Adsense and many other channels.  And there’s nothing better for your business than your video going viral.


Go For A Clear And Concise Script:

There is no point reciting the technical features of your product again and again like a parrot. People are more interested in finding out what you can do for them and how you can make their lives easier and better. Your explainer video should raise their interests in your company and your services so that they contact you or visit your website after watching. Hence a great script is paramount for a quality explainer video.

It’s easy to see the importance of an explainer video when it comes to promoting your business in a cost effective way. In fact if done properly, explainer videos can become one of your biggest assets and help bring in new business to increase revenue.

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