Why Should You Increase Your Video Budget?


Why Should You Increase Your Video Budget?

The world is moving at a lightning pace and businesses are moving towards explainer video marketing even faster. If you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet and are worried about whether your investments will prove fruitful or not, go through the following points that outline why you should increase your explainer video budget.


  •         Explainer videos increase people’s understanding of your products or services by as much as 74%.
  •         45.4% of all internet users watch at least one online video every month.
  •         32.2 videos are watched by internet users each month.
  •         Almost 100 million online users watch at least one video each day.
  •         After Google, the 2nd largest search engine is YouTube.
  •         Each online user spends 16 minutes and 49 seconds watching explainer video ads each month.
  •         Around 50% of users watch business related videos every month, 65% of which visit the company’s website after watching business videos.
  •         Almost 80% of viewers remember the explainer video advertisements they watch and 46% of them take at least some action after watching the advertisement.
  •         Visitors of websites are 64% more likely to shop online if they are presented with a video.
  •         When it comes to real estate, listings with videos get 403% more inquiries compared to listings without explainer videos.
  •         Subscribers opt out 75% less and get converted to customers 51% more if promotional mails include explainer videos.
  •         Human brain retains information seen in videos 50 times more than information conveyed via text or audio.

Once you have gone through these points, you can definitely understand why explainer videos are imperative for modern business and why you should increase your explainer video budget as soon as possible.

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